Monday, November 16, 2009

Looking for the right mix of honey and vinegar.

Two nights before I embarked on an exciting tour with the Tea Party Express I had a dream. I told my Dad about the dream calling it the cookie jar analogy:
I dreamt that my America was a great big cookie jar full of American dreams and the government was like a misbehaving child stealing from the cookie jar. Everything I wanted for myself and family was in the jar; freedom, pursuit of happiness, financial security, a white picket fence. I awoke thinking... what usually happens to the hand caught in the cookie jar? You smack it right? I told my Dad that we need to smack the government down hard for stealing away our way of life and trampling underfoot the Constitution which holds my American dream. This intrusive, overreaching child needs to be put back in its' place...

That's when my Dad stopped me and said," Tiffiny, these people are not children stealing cookies from a cookie jar. They are thieves hell bent on destroying our way of life." While on the TPXii tour, I had much time contemplating my father's words and realized that I had been using more honey and not enough vinegar in my analysis of government. Having been raised in a conservative household I was taught to look for the good in people. It's hard to imagine that there are those seeking power who are so brutal and ruthless, who want to take away everything from us. These are they who tell us that we're insensitive and politically incorrect.

Those horrible nasty words ring and ruminate around the mind of this Christian-raised, caucasian-labeled, middle-class American girl. Politically incorrect, insensitive, racist, offesive, incompassionate, radical conservative are just some of the words that are used like weapons to silence conservative thought. I'm sick and tired of being a polite well-mannered conservative. I will be shamed no longer. I will not be told that it's wrong to be bold. Is it wrong to stand up for what's right? Is it wrong to stand up for truth? I will defend truth and not allow those seeking socialism to use my good nature against me any longer.

I will not stop at calling or writing a letter to my representative but will go a step further and volunteer in my community. I will have discourse with my neighbor and others on the street to bring about the awareness of this disease of socialism that's plagueing our nation. I will donate my money and time to organizations that seek to stop intrusive government in its tracks!! I will seek out people in my community who will make good candidates for public office and then stand behind them to get them elected. I will dedicate my energies to restoring the America I grew up with for my 7-yr old before the concept of America is lost forever and becomes only a memory in history books. If I wait any longer the window of opportunity will close.

So now I've become a blogger...


  1. AMEN! You go girl!
    Tiffany, I can't wait to hear more about your adventures! Keep on keeping on!!