Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Public School promoting Ramadan and Negating Christmas

In a recent article posted on Fox News Radio by Todd Starnes I came across a story that really irked me. In order to be inclusive in their holiday production for 2009 Lantern Road Elementary School in Fishers, IN included references to Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Las Posadas and Kwanzaa.

Shariq Siddiqui of the Muslim Alliance of IN told the Indianapolis Star. “Schools are a place where we should learn more about each other rather than exclude each other based on stereotypes and misconceptions.”

Here’s what the children were assigned to sing:

Ramadan verse
“Allah is God, we recall at dawn,
Praying ‘til night during Ramadan
At this joyful time we pray happiness for you,
Allah be with you all your life through.”

Christmas verse
“I didn’t know there was a little boy at the manger. What child is this?
I’m not sure if there was a little boy or not.
Then why did you paint one on your nativity window?
I just thought if there was a little
boy, I’d like to know exactly what he (sic) say."

I'm all for being inclusive but looks like they totally excluded the name of Jesus in the Christmas verse. Since the song writer was confused if Jesus was a little boy or not I can see why they excluded his name. At least they remembered the name of Allah. I'm so glad that this Judeo-Christian nation can no longer behave as Jews and Christians since it's not PC to have a religious belief in Elohim or the God of Israel anymore. It's wonderful that even the public school system encourages teachers to confuse children just so they can be enlightened about other customs while being encouraged to stomp all over their own.

Alright I just want to know... WHAT is going on with the public school system? Again I will pose this question that I have asked before: What things are being taught that we aren't aware of?

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