Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shocking: Tea Party Express Endorses Blue Dog Dem Walt Minnick

It is all over the news that the Tea Party Express has broken from what some folks might call tradition (for us we don't consider it so). We have made a target and heroes list targeting the worst offenders in government and rewarding those who amid pressure still stand up for fiscal conservative values.

Now I know this was in a recent blog of mine... but it doesn't seem to be getting in people's heads what the Tea Party Express stands for. I will list it again for those of you who are new:

Restore Liberty- Honor the Constitution

*End the Bailouts!

*Reduce the Size & Intrusiveness of Government!

*Stop Out of Control Spending!

*Stop Raising our Taxes!

*No Government Run Healthcare!

I spoke this week with Brendan, a leader of the Tea Party of Boise. He expressed to me that the Tea Party of Boise is not endorsing anyone at this time. He says that we made the right decision for the Tea Party Express. He agreed that Minnick has very conservative vote. Here is the record that we decided to reward with Tea Party Express endorsement:

Minnick's record--
He voted against :


*cap and trade

*Health care reform

*Tarp Reform

According to Brendan of the Boise Tea Party, Minnick has not only had ZERO earmarks but has made it his mission to Targets earmarks. He's ruffling feathers on the left and the right. Despite all of this he is beholden to noone. This is the greatest Tea Party quality. To stand in the face of opposition of your peers and to continue to promote and vote for fiscal responsibility and conservatism.
Here's what Minnick had to say to the Messenger Index (of Idaho on March 3, 2009):
One of only 11 Democrats to vote against the House version of the stimulus bill and an opponent of the administration's auto company bailout plan, Walt Minnick said during his recent stop in Emmett that much of the economic recovery plans coming from Washington simply don't make good business sense.

"I've been a businessman all my life, and I've only been a congressman for six weeks," the son of an eastern Washington wheat farmer said. "So it's important to me that any dollar we spend be spent cost-effectively, especially since it has to be borrowed from the Chinese and Arab oil states and repaid by our kids and grandkids."



  1. And if the Republicans don't take the house, and he then votes for a Democrat for Speaker of the House, the tax-and-spend agenda of the Democrats continues...with or without his vote!

  2. This election is about control of the House and Senate, not about who is a good Dem and a bad Dem. If we lose control of the house by one vote...Tea Party Express will be to blame. Oh, the irony!