Thursday, November 3, 2011

In Herman's own words, Cain accuses Perry camp of Sabotage

Last night I had the opportunity to run a Tele-Townhall with Herman Cain as the guest. The moderator Rusty Humphries asked Mr. Cain to explain the current allegations of sexual misconduct in the workforce. In his own words: 

It comes as no surprise to me that Rick Perry's camp is suspected of throwing a political bomb into Herman Cains Candidacy. Perry has on his team the leader of "one of the nation's most vicious campaign hit teams, a secret outfit whose reach spreads all over the American political system." Or so the a 2004 article from a longtime Texas Blog begins. The article continues saying that "It specializes in attempted assassination of political careers under the guise of issue education."

It is suspicious that someone very close to the Perry campaign has recently distanced himself from the campaign as a "general consultant". Dave Carney is known as one of the best political hitmen in the business. Could the man they call "The Wizard cehind the curtain" be up to his old tricks with a third party political hit? Time can only tell.

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