Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lincoln- day of annual Thanksgiving made a National and fixed Union festival

I love this Thanksgiving Proclaimation by our great President Lincoln. I read it every year to put things into perspecitve.

Thanksgiving wasn't intended to be a day of turkey worship and overindulgence. It is a day set aside to worship and give thanks to the almighty God for the abundance in blessings He provides. Remember that hundreds of years ago Americans didn't go to the grocery store for their food but worked from the melting of the frost in spring through the turning of the leaves in fall to provide for their families. Even with all their best efforts it has always been up to God to provide a good harvest to last through the hard winter months.

Our forefathers understood the law of nature that you have to produce before you can consume. What are you producing to earn your level of consumption and to whom do you pay gratitude?

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to my God, for ALL my blessings I am truly thankful!

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