Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beaten by Brown, Barack Boat Bombs in Boston

I know what you're thinking, Coakley was the direct loser in this game so how much does Barack have to do with it? Well let's take a short look back at causes he supports and his track record...Olympics, Copenhagen, Corzine and now Coakley. It seems that the only winning causes he supports is himself. So what does this mean for Americans that we have one of the losingest presidents of all time? It’s good news my friends. Could it be that there are even more losses that have occurred 2009 to present which should be added to BHO's list of losses? I would like to discuss just a few of them.

First a little bit of background:

The RINO caucus (a perversion of the Republican party) is a group of liberals who have infiltrated the party of conservatism which has slowly been gaining strength for a number of years. These RINOs convince their conservative colleagues that in order to get the swing voters in the middle 20% you must act and vote like a progressive so that you don’t alienate that group. And then, as the theory goes, they’ll all like you. So after a while of having conservatives behaving like progressives, like the boys in Pleasure Island from the story Pinocchio, they begin turning into (I know you think I’ll say asses but to stick with my analogy) RINO’s (fooled you, didn’t I). Then you end up with all of these asses, I mean RINOs, who were once regular honest, free-thinking men being puppeted by the task masters, in this case the Democrats.

So these ‘progressives’ begin doing things that upset their constituents and the constituents begin to feel lost and disenfranchised, like Pinocchio when he realizes he’s been led down the wrong path by the wayward boys. So they begin looking around to see if they can find anyone to represent them. In 2008, just what they were looking for comes along: CHANGE. And I’m not talking about pocket change; I’m talking about some ‘really-transparent-history-in-the-making-CHANGE’. The Barack Hussein Obama Boat enters the picture.

The disenfranchised Americans decide to hop onto the BHO Boat sailing toward the sunset, sailing toward ‘CHANGE’. What these people didn’t know is that BHO was leading this boat directly towards disaster- directly into the belly of a whale as big as big government itself.

So now Obama has us upside down inside a BIG government whale that seems impossible to get out of. When all of a sudden someone lights a match and begins to say, “Why don’t you put up a website to have people vote on the internet as a referendum to see if we really want to subsidize the losers’ mortgages; or would we like to at least buy cars and buy houses in foreclosure and give them to people that might have a chance to actually prosper down the road, and reward people that could carry the water instead of drink the water?”

That spark became a powerful catalyst that started a chain reaction to the biggest rising up of the American people since the Civil War or the Revolution. Tea Parties are born. This was the beginning of the end for the BHO Boat. When everyone realized they didn’t have to remain inside the BIG government whale, things DID begin to change. Thanks BHO! The rise of the Tea Parties led to the following two additional losses:

Last month In Clark County, NV Tea Party conservatives infiltrate the Republican Party structure and begin to attend party meetings, eventually causing a number of old guard board members to resign. Clark County Republican committee has since filled those seats with true Tea Partiers. RINOs chased out of Clark County: 1 win for conservatism, 1 loss for progressives. This wouldn’t have happened if BHO and his cronies hadn’t continued to push their intrusive agenda upon the citizens of Clark County.

Just today I was speaking to a local Tea Party organizer AZ where they mentioned that Tea Partiers have been attending meetings and voting. She says that because of the huge turnout of Tea Partiers at these meetings they have begun to restore the party’s ideological integrity. Does anyone know this is going on?

These little losses are happening all over the nation, perhaps in your town. Perhaps you’re rallying your neighbors to stand up and fight for a win against our BIG whale of a government, chipping away at their socialist agenda and causing it to crumble and eventually in 2010 to topple.

The Barack Boat is on the Brink of Being Banished--well at least he’ll continue to face shutting doors and many losses up to 2012 while the Tea Party crowd will reap the benefits from the doors thrown wide open now that Brown Brought Bright hopes and has set a precedent. Can you hear us now?


  1. Some say Brown is moderate, he claims to be more independent. We'll see how he behaves... this blog wasn't about Scott Brown (since everyone else was writing about him today). This was about how Obama has the "midas" touch of losing whatever he puts his name on and how it is waking up the American people... the People are now realizing that they have the power to take out the RHINOs- all this realization is thanks to Obama.