Monday, February 8, 2010

If It's Bad Make It Illegal, Don't Rape Us & Profit From It!

This morning my Dad sent me an article about the tax that was passed on the usage of plastic grocery bags in Washington DC. This tax imposes a 5 cent penalty on consumers who go shopping and need something to carry their groceries home in. My dad said to me,"If it's so bad for us why don't they just make it illegal?" Then I went on to read this article in the Washington Post that talks about new guidelines for this confusing bag tax.

The words of my Dad swirled in my head... If pastic bags were terribly harmful for the environment then they would be illegal. Instead, I think this is just another revenue source for the government. I wonder when the government will satisfy its insatiable appetite to collect revenue from us in these obscure ways that are made to appear as penalties for bad behavior. Look at how those who smoke have been taxed, double taxed and overtaxed for years--has it changed anything? Now the government depends on smokers. When will the government stop trying to control consumer behavior and then profit from it?

My hope is that people might stop accepting the government attempts to control behavior and begin to realize that sin taxes are not for our own good but just ways for the government to expand its control.

Plastic bags don't get used; we do.

If you still feel concerned about what to do with your extra plastic bags, I have donated my bags to organizations such as Mothers Without Borders to take to Africa for the people to make shoes and rugs. Click here to find out how to make your own plastic bag shoes (first in a series of anti-liberal crafts you can make at home).

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