Saturday, February 13, 2010

Socialists Hope You Ignore the Panacea of 'Cowboy Up!'

My friend Paul Snover wrote this letter after feeling especially disturbed by the infighting in his local grassroots group:

"The hard thing or question is how do the Grass Root C4L Tea Party & 9:12 organizations unite in voice and strength while maintaining their uniqueness and original intent?

My friend has been stuck in the middle of these "power" struggles which include nasty words being bantered back and forth and bad feelings of good people one for another are tearing us apart, a negative atmosphere of contention is growing as elections draw near.

So, what is the best answer to "unite in voice and strength while maintaining their uniqueness and original intent?"

Anyone have the miracle cure to unite us all?"

My answer to him and all those experiencing the same side effects of revolution:

This will be the great struggle in this movement and it won't go away. The reason is because this call to a revolution has turned out the best and brightest of Americans to try to find what they can contribute. These bright Americans might ALL be considered chiefs. From the local to the national level you'll find a high (even unbalanced) number of chiefs in one organization. Look at those who prepared our Constitution and Declaration of Independence... a room full of chiefs. Do you think they fought over issues and ideas? YES! Did they give up? NO! We all have to come to the realization that there will be a big healthy power struggle in this fight.

I'm against uniting all of the local and national groups in one body as one entity as it will make us an easier target for the media to destroy. Instead we must all continue to strengthen our individual organizations and try to form a coalition with other grassroots groups while retaining our ideals and goals. What's great about having a number of grassroots is that instead of having 1 national organization accomplishing 1 thing you'll have multiple accomplishing many. Take TPN, TPX and TPP. These three major organizations couldn't be more different. The TPN, who organized a successful conference to bring multiple Tea Party peoples together to share ideas and learn. There is the Tea Party Patriots whom amongst many things are very good at building a network of communication. Lastly, the Tea Party Express who's very good at organizing tours and rallies and with their PAC status has the ability of affecting elections in their own way (been doing it for years even before the Tea Parties of 2009). Each of these organizations contributes something and if you were to combine them I believe that much of the power would be lost as the movement would slow down and you'd have to eliminate ideas when you eliminate decision makers.

I believe that those who want to build an organization must just face the facts that having opposition and controversy even from those who have the same beliefs and goals will in the end actually increase the number of things we can accomplish as a whole movement. We can be strong! We will overcome! And if we keep our shoulder to the wheel we will accomplish the extermination of the growing parasite of socialism that has taken hold of our country for the past number of decades. Like my friend Pearson use to say when I felt like throwing in the towel, “Cowboy up, Ruegner, we still have got work to do!"

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